​Our Mission: TO Partner with our clients to increase safety, productivity and profitability through drug-free workplace program development and management


Introducing a Drug Free workplace program for  businesses that will help differentiate you from your competitors.  Show your customers that you take their safety and security seriously.  Become the leader in your area when it comes to hiring and employing the best and brightest. 

There are 5 steps involved in taking your drug free workplace to a new level, and this program lets the world know that you are taking all 5 steps very seriously.  

  • Create and Enforce a Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Provide Supervisor Training to recognize an issue and how to help
  • Educate Employees on how and why they should stay drug free
  • Testing Program - pre-employment, post accident, return-to-duty, reasonable suspicion, and the key ingredient, RANDOM testing  
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program available to all employees

5-Star Certification Benefits

NO Program Management Fees
$100 off your Drug Free Workplace Policy (if necessary)
10% off regular price for on-site random tests
Free Window Clings for all vehicles and office  (5-Star Drug Free Workplace Certification)
Free jpeg image to use on your website and in your advertising

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Establish credibility in your local area by showing that you are doing everything you can to ensure that your employees are drug free

We bring the testing process straight to you, which not only saves you time and money, but also makes the process easier and more professional for your employees

With our automated systems, we can manage your drug testing program and take the heat off your HR Professional

After Hours Drug Testing

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